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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) sets forth provisions as to collection, use and management of personal information of Meikyo Electric Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Meikyo”). Meikyo shall appropriately handle the personal information in accordance with the Policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information and its Purposes
Meikyo will collect information which can identify a certain individual (hereinafter the “Personal Information”) to the extent necessary for any of the purposes set forth herein. When Meikyo collects the Personal Information, Meikyo will notify the purpose of collection or obtain consent of the individual identified by Personal Information (hereinafter the “Person”).
Meikyo may collect:
a. a person’s name,
b. the name of the organization at which the person works,
c. the person’s title,
d. the address of the person or the organization,
e. email address, telephone or facsimile number and/or other contact information, and/or,
f. any other information that Meikyo considers necessary.
In addition, some pages of Meikyo’s website (hereinafter the “Website”) may collect control session information or obtain access logs by means of cookies, analysis tools, or other measures.

2. Use of Personal Information
Meikyo will use the collected Personal Information for any of the following purposes;
i. provision of Meikyo’s products and/or service (including user support);
ii. performing any agreement with any of Meikyo’s customers, clients or business partners;
iii. receiving and responding to a person’s questions or inquiries about products or services;
iv. other business contact and communication;
v. advertising and/or promoting Meikyo’s products and/or services (including analysis of information and/or marketing, and/or providing information on any products, services, and/or events such as exhibitions by email, direct mail or other means);
vi. provision of information regarding Meikyo’s business;
vii. review and/or analysis of the products or services provided by Meikyo and/or survey for improvement of Meikyo’s products or services;
viii. planning and/or development of new products and/or services;
ix. analysis of browsing history of the Website and/or improvement of interfaces of the Website;
x. creation of statistic data (data from which an individual is not identifiable) and use thereof (Meikyo will be entitled to use, without any limitation, such data from which an individual is not identifiable); and/or
xi. a matter related to or incidental to any of the foregoing sub-paragraphs i through x;
provided, however, that Meikyo may use or provide the Personal Information for any purpose other than the purposes set forth in the above sub-paragraphs i through xi, if Meikyo uses or provides the Personal Information;
(1) in accordance with the laws (including, but not limited to, when Meikyo needs to use, provide, or handle the Personal Information for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in Meikyo);
(2) with the Person’s consent; or,
(3) when Meikyo has a third party treat the Personal Information to the extent necessary for achievement of any of the purposes set forth in the above sub-paragraphs i through xi.

3. How to Collect
We may collect Personal Information, which
i. is stated in a written or electronic document (including emails and/or text messages) given by the Person or his/her representative,
ii. is filled out in an application form, sign-up form or other form on the Website,
iii. is communicated orally by the Person or his/her representative,
iv. is obtained from a third party based on the consent of the Person or his/her representative.
In addition, in relation to visits to the Website, Meikyo may automatically collect the above control session information, access logs, and/or other data about how visitors use the Website. Please note that this does not identify a visitor personally.

4. Management of Personal Information
Meikyo shall make proper efforts to manage the collected Personal Information for the purpose of preventing it from being divulged, destroyed, falsified or lost, except for the Personal Information which has been already disclosed by the Person or open to public.

5. Outsourcing
Within the scope of the purposes set forth in the Policy, Meikyo may outsource collected Personal Information to an outside contractor. As to such outsourcing, Meikyo will select a company or business entity that manages personal information appropriately in accordance with Meikyo’s standards, conclude an agreement regarding appropriate handling of personal information, and oversee the company or business entity.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information
If the Person inquires of Meikyo as to whether or not the Personal Information concerning such Person is being managed by Meikyo, Meikyo shall give reply as to such inquiry as soon as practical. Unless otherwise provided in any applicable laws, Meikyo shall disclose the Personal Information without delay if requested by the Person thereof for disclosure. In addition, if Meikyo receives a request as to the right to data portability, Meikyo shall review the request and process the Personal Information as requested by the Person, if and to the extent required by the applicable law including General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter “GDPR”) applied in EU.

7. Storage of Personal Information and Objection
Meikyo may retain the Personal Information for any of the purposes abovementioned, and the purpose of making analytical data and/or historical records with regard to Meikyo’s business and/or any other purposes.

8. Addition, Correction, or Partial Deletion of Personal Information
If a request for addition, correction, or partial deletion, or suspension or deletion regarding the Personal Information is made to Meikyo, Meikyo will handle the request after verifying the requesting person’s identity or his/her representative’s identity. However, Meikyo may not be able to take the requested action, if the applicable laws require or allow Meikyo not to take the requested action or if such request is in breach of what the Person has agreed in advance.
If suspension or deletion is made in accordance with any of the above paragraph, some of the services of Meikyo may become unavailable thereafter.

9. Treatment on Meikyo’s website
Each user shall use the Website at his / her responsibility. Meikyo will not bear any responsibility for any damages arising from use of any information obtained from the Website or any other website to which the Website is linked. Meikyo will not be involved in collection of Personal Information as to users of such other website, that is conducted by such other website.

10. Revision of the Policy
In order to comply with amendment of laws or for any other reasons, the Policy may be revised without any notice. The latest Policy shall be applied, at all times, to the Personal Information collected by Meikyo. If a user visits the Website or uses any of Meikyo’s services after the Policy is revised, such user shall be deemed to agree to the revised Policy. The revised Policy will be posted on the Website and shall become effective on the posting date.

Contact Information as to handling of the Personal Information:
Please contact the following for any question as to handling of the Personal Information of Meikyo.

Meikyo Electric Co., Ltd Japan Headquarters
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