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Smart Maintenance System for IT Infrastructure by Meikyo’s WatchBoot Rebooter

Frozen Singage

Why Does Your Organization Need a Smart Maintenance System for Your Critical IT Infrastructure?

It is a common practice, whenever an IP enabled device fails or is “frozen”, the user has to manually power cycle or reboot the device to resume normal operations.
Manual power cycling or rebooting “frozen” devices can be difficult, especially when devices are in remote locations.
Remote can be in “hard-to-reach” locations within a facility or in other offices across the country or around the world that an IT technician can’t easily access.
Organizations should consider devices which can do BOTH, Life & Death Monitoring and remote power management, ideally automatically.

Automatic power cycling could also be described as a Smart Maintenance System.
The importance of such a system is often underestimated. If your IT infrastructure is small, the demand is less.
However, as that IT infrastructure grows, your need for an automatic solution increases exponentially.

There are significant impacts to your business that arise when network devices go down.
These could include lost business reputation, lost revenue from downtime, increased IT maintenance costs and a decrease in productivity due to an already overstretched IT support resources team.

Users who implement a strategy to deploy a Smart Maintenance System for IT Infrastructure can realize significant benefits.
These benefits can include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits from a reduction of downtime
  • Decreased expenses from a reduction of IT maintenance costs
  • More efficient utilization of limited IT support resources

Imagine the following scenario

A managed service provider (MSP) technician named Will, is playing catch with his son in the park on a Saturday afternoon.
He gets a call from a client, Dave, whose digital signage system has gone offline.
The system is critical to Dave’s business on Saturday evening.
Unfortunately, both Will’s colleague and boss are on vacation.
It is a two-hour drive to Dave’s site.
As Will’s wife is busy, he needs to take his son to a friend, as he can’t bring his son to the customer’s site.

Will is in a difficult situation.
Now imagine this occurrence happens every month for Will’s clients, and his boss is always having to send someone to client sites to troubleshoot and restore issues.
If these emergency situations are covered by the service level agreement (SLA), then these expenses have to be absorbed by the MSP.
If they are not part of the SLA, and the MSP is issuing invoices for these costs to clients like Dave, you are going to have an upset client or clients.

What is the true cost of downtime for an organization?
Many organizations over simplify the cost of downtime, however it should include the following:

  • Employee productivity cost
  • Lost Revenue (or SLA penalties)
  • Recovery costs
  • Long-term impact

Wouldn’t it be great if Will’s company had deployed a smart device which did both life & death monitoring, and had the ability to automatically recover the device, with no customer knowledge an event even happened?
The WatchBoot Rebooter is such a device.

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How Does a Smart Maintenance System Work?

A smart maintenance system must incorporate intelligent monitoring and automation.
The WatchBoot Rebooter includes an automatic power control function with unique freeze detection capabilities.

One method for detecting a freeze is to use the Meikyo Heartbeat Application, where you can check the CPU operation status and control the heartbeat.
A frozen device can be detected and restarted.

A second method is to use PING monitoring, which monitors the health of the device by responding to ICMP packets.
If there is no response, the device is determined to be frozen and the power output to the device is rebooted.
This method also includes the ability to monitor the normality of the line by monitoring multiple IP addresses as a target of pinging, which can be important, especially in the case of router monitoring.

In addition to automatic power control by various monitoring functions, there is also the remote power control by various methods such as http, Telnet, text mail, email and direct WEB commands.
The device can control from 1 to 4 power supplies.

Finally, by writing a script for the WatchBoot Rebooter, you can Telnet to the server and execute the shutdown command.
Accelerate your business through remote power control with WatchBoot Rebooter from Meikyo Electric.

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