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Apartment and Condominium

Contemporary condominiums and apartments frequently feature “free” WIFI routers for their occupants.
In many cases managers install routers and other necessary components in storage rooms behind locks and gates.
High network traffic during evenings, high winds, and even bolts of lightning may cause the router to freeze, disabling internet connection on individual floors and even in entire buildings.

Unfortunately, these incidents often result in occupants unable access the internet until the manager or maintenance crews arrive on site the next day.
ISP companies also receive many complaints on the issues they have no control over.

WatchBoot can automatically remedy most cases of router freeze by automatically restarting the device when it detects an issue through PING monitoring

Stay on top of issues by being notified through the automatic email notification system.
Built-in internet infrastructure is rapidly becoming norm in modern apartment and condo design.
No longer will router freezes be an issue under the watchful eye of WatchBoot!