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Have you ever rebooted IT devices such as computers, routers, switches and so on

You might say “Of Course! I am always doing that.”

Freeze and Reboot issues have had a serious effect on the IT industry.
In fact, they are consuming huge amounts of your precious time and money.
There seems to not be a way to eliminate every freeze, even though technologies are continuing to advance.

The root cause of these issues could be the following:

  • IT devices have to use new technologies to adapt to latest requirements, which might cause hidden flaws in devices.
  • Usage scenarios which were not expected as part of the original design scope.
    However, the majority is caused by electric noise (i.e. lightning surge is the typical cause).

To solve these issues, many maintenance staff must work around the clock, even though all they have to do is just reboot frozen devices.
In order to reboot the devices, the staff must go to the installation sites.
They may have to climb up a ladder to reach the device and then look for the device power cord, which aren’t always easy to find.

Is there any smart way to solve these issues?
Is it possible to solve these issues automatically?

Yes! “Rebooter” can solve these issues easily and automatically

“Rebooter” is designed and developed to solve frozen IT device issues.
By using auto pinging and watchdog function, “Rebooter” can detect frozen devices,and by using a power reboot function,“Rebooter” can solve the frozen device issues automatically.
“Rebooter” can make the system stable by reducing down time and by cutting the cost of unnecessary manpower.
This provides a high level of customer satisfaction!
“Rebooter” provides you a super efficient next-generation maintenance of your IT systems.
Meikyo Rebooter


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