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Digital Signage

We live in a world of digital signage

According to studies, the digital signage market in 2016 was valued at 4.5 billion dollars, and is expected to reach 27 billion dollars in 2022.

Power management is a crucial factor for consideration when it comes to operating multiple signage across a region.
When power and network failures cost businesses precious resources, averting downtime while saving maintenance crew costs becomes of paramount importance to maximize profit and dependability.

Keeping the signage off during off-hours is an effective way to cut expenses.
However, manually operating digital signage in a cost effective manner can be a tedious affair.
Dealing with complicated power schedules is a cause for confusion and costly mistakes.
Network-enabled signage add to this complexity with controller-PCs that need to be turned on and off according to their schedule.

WatchBoot enables flexible per-outlet power scheduling for individual days of the week.
Users can integrate Magic Packet (WOL) on-commands and shutdown scripts to control remote controller-PCs with ease.
PING monitoring ensures system integrity and connectivity by rebooting frozen or unresponsive hardware.

Not only that, users can sync outlets to turn signage off when the media player freezes.
This way users can hide potentially embarrassing blue screens as well as loading screens.


By micromanaging power schedules for various hardware / equipment, users can expect significant cost savings that come with reduced overall power consumption.
Scheduling regular reboots will ensure system integrity and dependability, greatly mitigating the risk of expensive downtime.

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