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Resolve Security Camera Freeze ups with WatchBoot

Have you had to go on site to manually restart security cameras due to image and network issues?
Monitoring systems are expected to continuously deliver quality video feed without interruptions.
In most cases, video feed lock ups occur due to router freeze ups and the camera itself becoming unresponsive.

Any security camera, whether it be expensive or cheap, new or old, may at times fail due to thunderstorms, blackouts, and other unpredictable events.
Too often managers and administrators must rush to the site to correct the issue, sacrificing valuable time and fuel.
Even after arriving on site, security cameras are often in spots difficult to access – they are often installed behind locked gates, on the side of walls and pillars, and even on top of rooves.
Tangled power cables add to the problem, and so does inclement weather.

All these issues can be resolved with the REBOOTER.

System Contents:
Detect freeze ups, and reboot!

Attach routers and web cameras (or PoE HUB) to the REBOOTER (RPC-M5C-EA as shown in the above figure).
The REBOOTER will monitor the router’s connectivity by sending pings periodically.
When it sees that the device is unresponsive, it will power off and power on the outlet the router is connected to.

Some web cameras may remain frozen, even while it responds to PINGs.
This may occur when the camera has frozen up at the application level.
In such cases, you can remotely initiate a reboot by accessing the REBOOTER through a browser.

Expect incredible results

Integrate the REBOOTER and expect to enjoy savings from reduced maintenance costs minimize downtime fix issues promptly and minimize fallout from claims and complaints.

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